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Student GROUPS at Fruitlands Museum

Step inside the galleries at Fruitlands Museum and experience unrivaled works of art and history from New England and beyond. Using a global perspective and captivating works of art, Fruitlands Museum specializes in creating meaningful connections between classroom content and students’ daily lives. School programs enrich classroom activities and are aligned with state and national guidelines, including the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for History and Social Science, Visual Art, English Language Art and Science and Technology/Engineering. We’ve developed student programs that support your classroom teaching.


Native Americans of the Northeast
Walk through the door of the longhouse and enter the daily life of a Nipmuc family. This two hour tour promotes understanding of life for Native peoples of New England before and after European contact. Students will learn how communities worked together to secure the food and resources needed to survive cold New England winters; discover the artistry and technology used to create personal belongings and tools; and try their hands at Native games, sports and other leisure activities

Time: 2 hours
Recommended for grades K-6
Framework connections to History and Social Science, Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Science and Technology/Engineering
Available April – October

Growing Up Alcott, Growing Up Shaker
What was it like to be a child in a Shaker village? What kind of schooling did the children of the Fruitlands con-associate family receive? What kinds of games did children play long ago? What did children think of themselves and how did they view their place within community? These and other aspects of 19th century life are explored in a guided tour of the Shaker Museum and the Fruitlands Farmhouse. Students will compare and contrast the daily lives to two children – a young boy living in the historic Harvard Shaker village and Louisa May Alcott, aged 10 – as they read 19th century journals describing education, diet, work, and play in two unique utopian communities.

Time: 2 hours
Recommended for grades 3-8
Framework connections to History and Social Science, English Language Arts
Available April – October

Comparative Utopias
How would you define utopia? What makes the perfect, cooperative community? How does our understanding of utopia change over time? What are the limitations of a utopian society and how might one person’s utopia become someone else’s dystopia? Students investigate utopian worldviews through the lens of Fruitlands Museum’s collections of material culture and art in this two-hour dialog-based program. Observation, critical thinking, word games, and small group work are included in this comparison of social structures and worldviews.

Time: 2 hours
Recommended for grades 9-12
Framework connections to History and Social Science, Visual Arts, English Language Arts
Available April – October

Teacher’s Choice
Would you like your students to have a unique experience that is all their own? Let us know what your students are learning about in the classroom and Fruitlands Museum staff will customize one of our educational offerings so that it fits your curriculum perfectly. We can mix and match components from any of our pre-existing field trip offerings, or create something brand new just for your classroom. Have an idea of your own? We’d love to hear about it and help you bring your ideas to fruition!

Time: 2 hours
Recommended for grades Kindergarten-12
Admission price: varies
Framework connections are up to you!
Available April – October

Planning Your Visit


Student Programs and Outreach Programs require reservations.

  • Reservations must be made at least three weeks in advance.
  • If you are planning to visit in October, please select three possible dates for your visit.
  • To make reservations, contact the Education Department at (978) 456-3924, ext. 291 or email
  • Please note that some programs may not be available between November and April due to weather conditions.

Admission Rates:

  • Guided programs: $7.50 per student for one program. A surcharge of $5.00 per student is applied for each additional program
  • Outreach programs: $125.00 per presentation per classroom of up to 30 students, plus mileage.
  • Admission subsidies are available from the PASS Roster Program and you may be eligible for transportation subsidies through the Big Yellow School Bus grant program. Both of these funding sources are managed and awarded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Contact your Local Cultural Council representative for details.

Teacher, Parent and Adult Supervision:

Teachers and chaperones are required to accompany K-12 students in the museum. For every 10 students, we require one adult (admitted free). Additional adults may attend at the student admission rate. Adults are responsible for the students’ conduct and adherence to the rules for proper behavior in Fruitlands Museum galleries, historic buildings, gardens and grounds. When the group is in the museum, please adhere to requests from museum personnel regarding student behavior.


The Museum Art Gallery and Wayside Visitor Center are fully accessible to wheelchairs. The Native American Gallery, Shaker Gallery, Fruitlands Farmhouse and the walking trails are not fully accessible. Please call ahead with any concerns regarding accessibility for your students.

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